Morgan City to Intracoastal City, Louisiana (Nov 22)

As we pulled out you could see the two seawalls of the port towns that face each other across the Atchafalaya Basin (Morgan City and Berwick with it’s little red lighthouse).


This area is a large shrimping community as well as a petroleum economy.  Our travels today took us by Avery Island, a salt dome located in New Iberia, Louisiana and the home of TABASCO Brand pepper sauce – our favorite condiment!


We arrived at Shell Morgan Marina (calling it a marina for transient boats is a stretch, it is more of a fueling stop for commercial boats) in Intracoastal City.  No restaurants here but we did find Maxie Pierce Grocery which we were fortunate to make it to just two minutes before they closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  We purchased boudin (cajun sausage) for our holiday meal, not quite the meal my Dean Brothers are preparing in Texas, but will suffice for us on the boat.


The police department (left) and the grocery store (right) are both elevated in anticipation of future storms.  There’s nothing more to this town!


While at Shell Morgan we had to deal with commercial transit boats throughout the night, mostly bringing offshore oilmen in for Thanksgiving.  This was not a large issue for us since, as we adjust from river travels to salt water with currents and tides, Ron is up checking the lines and fenders through-out the night.  The fluctuating tides can leave your boat hanging sideways tided to a wall if you’re not careful….