A slow go to Morgan City, Louisiana (Nov 21)

Because of changing tides, an early start was in order.  Barely got into the harbor the night before because of draft and couldn’t chance grounding on low tide.  Calm waters and only one lock today allowed a rather pleasant trip (I say “pleasurable”,  not “fun” – yet) from Houma to Morgan City, Louisiana.


A contributing factor to our slow travels was the expansive no wake zones.  This was for two reasons, the first being heavy commercial areas (petroleum) and second,  protected wetlands (Louisiana swamp).  Large and small commercial vessels constantly ran to the offshore rigs day and night.



Today marks 22 days of travel on Kara Mia.  We have been through 17 locks and five states (a couple twice), so we are beginning to get the hang of things and have certainly learned a lot in a short time (fenders, ropes, tides, boating courtesy, locking).  Ran upon this oil rig being returned from the Gulf.  Rather impressive – the size of the oil rig compared to the size of the tug!


Approaching Morgan City seawall (to protect it from flooding), we secured the boat, lines, etc.,  and took a walk to town.  Discovering the town diminished, we did find a little up-scale restaurant to have a late lunch at “Cafe Jo Jo’s” and had a wonderful pan seared catfish.