Fun with family in Matagorda, Texas (Dec 1-3)

Our fun began on Dec 1 at Matagorda Harbor Marina in Matagorda, Texas.  As the sun was rising, the moon was setting.


Steve and Bobbie’s weekend home is on the Colorado River.  From their deck, you can see the Gulf of Mexico.


They regularly have friends and family drop by.  We enjoyed a visit from Barrett (our niece) and her new baby Gage.  John is a nearby neighbor.  Some come to visit, some come to eat.  Ronnie and Pam smoked brisket, Bobbie and Steve made chili and gumbo, and breakfast each morning was a feast.


Steve and Ronnie took Ron fishing on Steve’s flat boat.  As you can see – they were successful.  They also found this condo on the beach.



On Saturday, over 40 local boaters had organized a toy drive for those who lost everything in the hurricanes.  There were dolls and bikes and bags of toys on every boat.  They were headed to Port O’Connor for a big Christmas party.


Later that day we went to Bay City for the best Mexican food.  Meet the family:  Mom and me, Ronnie and Pam, Steve and Bobbie – and dessert!



On Sunday, as the Titans were winning, the storm clouds blew in.  It was a refreshing rain on the deck overlooking the river.


As the evening came to a close, we relaxed on the docks at the marina and began planning our dirt trip to Houston and Granny’s house.


See you in a few days after our trip to Houston!