Clarksville to Green Turtle Bay (Nov 1)

A cold and rainy day!    Was surprising to see the American Queen (the largest riverboat ever built) docked at little Dover, Tennessee for a historical tour.

Wildlife was bountiful and for two days now we have witnessed deer swimming across the Cumberland River and  flocks of American White Pelicans on Barkley Lake.  Arrived safely at Green Turtle Bay Marina in Grand Rivers, Kentucky in a downpour!  Will relax and enjoy a couple of days of re-organization of boat and selves.


3 thoughts on “Clarksville to Green Turtle Bay (Nov 1)

  1. Where next and when and what way. Have a great time…… be extra nice to the lock masters….. they control your world . We will be around Perryville on Saturday, phone is 731 217-7635. VHF call sign is Rascal. Go for it …. Smooth sailing Kara Mia! G Robert Hopper & Mia Karen also!!

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