Aqua Harbor to Midway Marina (Start of the Tenn-Tom) (Nov 9th.)

Pulled out of Aqua Harbor on a chilly, but beautiful day.  We will begin traversing the Tenn-Tom Waterway today.


It will take us all the way to Mobile, Alabama.     

Again, the wildlife was bountiful with seagulls and pelicans.


Ron was excited to get our performance and fuel economy back from the work done at Aqua Harbor.  We hit 41 MPH today – notice the speed on the map!  The Tenn-Tom is also known as “the ditch”, with one of the deepest locks in America.


Our first of three locks today was an 85 foot drop!  We also met up with three other “loopers” there.


We arrived at Midway Marina in Fulton, Mississippi to a different water-world and a beautiful sunset.



3 thoughts on “Aqua Harbor to Midway Marina (Start of the Tenn-Tom) (Nov 9th.)

  1. We are lucky to hit 40mph on our Seadoo! 10mph on the boat. You guys are moving out there! :-0 Enjoy!

  2. Hope you have safe travels for the rest of your journey! We enjoyed meeting you during your stay at Aqua.

  3. Glad you all got the speed corrected with the boat—haven’t been near Bay Spring Lock and dam in years, use to land a lot of fish on Bay Spring Lake—-use to fish near the lock in Fulton as well–looking forward to viewing some beautiful scenery on your way down the waterway—stay safe, will keep watching!!!

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