Trenton (June 20-21)

We traveled through The Bay of Quinte today to reach our destination of Trent Port Marina in Trenton, Ontario.  Once again the scenery changes were cool and we saw numerous swans near the shore.



Trent Port would be our last stop before entering “The Trent Severn Waterway” and was the nicest, cleanest and most modern marina we have experienced yet!  There were bunches of looper boats arriving and departing both days.  We caught up again with Rick and Lynda on “Recess” and met Penny and John on “Andiamo”Rick and Lynda invited us and Herb to their boat the first evening and Penny and John invited us to their boat the second evening.  We like to compare stories and make plans for how, when and where to continue our travels.


Later we visited with Herb on his boat and called it a day…..

We met Mary and Rob (Canadians) several months back in Jacksonville when they invited us to their sailboat for docktails.  They were driving through Trenton while we were there and offered to show us around.  We went to “Lock #1” to purchase our lock pass ($200+ for 45 locks) to enter and travel through the Trent Severn Waterway for the next few weeks (kind of like purchasing a pass to travel on toll roads).  We enjoyed lunch at The Port Bistro Pub before they dropped us back off at the marina.


Still daylight and it’s after 9:00 p.m……….


This is a new (to us) app called “Nebo”.  It is a tracking app that allows us to see where other boats are.  It tracks the miles and time and even shows your boat moving through the waterway or docked at a marina.  Only my family and a few close friends can appreciate that we found another boat on Nebo named “Karen Ann”.  That is what I was called the first years of my life – and still by some of my family today (and Ron when he’s mad).


Random Stuff:  Seems like this little fellow, “Max”, moved into our house since we left Nashville eight months ago and we do believe he is providing great companionship for Stephanie, Jackson and Brandi.

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