Buzzard Rock (Aug 25-26)

It was Saturday morning when we pulled out of Paducah and the fishermen were out early.  The barges and tows still lined the shore waiting for their turn to lock through.  Lock #52 was backed up for scheduled maintenance.


We traveled from Paducah to Lake Barkley and docked at a neat marina – Buzzard Rock.  It required a short cruise up the Ohio before turning into the Cumberland River.  The Barkley Lock was our only lock for the day and it was not bad.  When we called the lock master, he had 11 downriver bound sailboats to lock through, but said if we “hurry” we could enter his lock after the sailboats left.  So Ron put the pedal to the metal and we got there with perfect timing to enter the lock.  Being on the Cumberland River again, we are feeling close to home.


Buzzard Rock Resort in Kuttawa, Kentucky…..


It was funky – but fun…..



We had a bird’s eye view of the goings and comings at the marina.


We tried to find a TV to watch the Titans game but to no avail…..Shannon served us some nachos and beer at Buzzard Rock Cafe – yes, the servers are still doing selfies for our blog!  ……and we shopped a little at the ship store.


It was Saturday night at Buzzard Rock and, “I see the full moon rising, I see trouble on the way.  I fear the river’s overflowing, I see bad times today.  Don’t go around tonight, Well, it’s bound to take your life,  There’s a full moon on the rise.”          I digress.

The deck below the cafe turned into a honky-tonk as the full moon rose and nighttime fell.  It was a one-man band that opened the floor to Karaoke – to our dismay.  The band was good – karaoke was not.  Note:  Elvis should not be characterized with Karaoke!  We were thankful that our boat was just far enough away from the activities.


Our sunrises and sunsets over Kuttawa, Kentucky were awesome as usual.


….and Karen is forever working on the blog……

Our little frog friend joined us over a week ago in St. Charles and is still traveling with us.  He hides when we get underway and only comes out when we dock – so we can’t leave him behind.  It’s the little things……..


We have a friend named “JuJu” back at The Braxton – a unique name for a boat as well.


On our second day at the Buzzard we walked around the resort – never found the pool…. and did some shopping for the kids (and us).  After a while in these remote places there’s not much to do.  Today we started out with a nice walk with our coffee, then smelled the aroma of bacon cooking at the Cafe, then we shopped at the ship store (for the fifth time), then to the Cafe – where we ordered homemade biscuits with country gravy and bacon – for two – our total bill was $6.57.  Then back to the boat where we killed a few hours recapping our last few days, then back to the store to pick up a few things for the kids.  Back to the boat, back to the store and cafe……..and so on……..can’t say we got bored, but there’s not much else to do here – so we will head out in the morning for our next stop……..”Bumpus Mills”…………….look that up!

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