Rome, New York (June 10)

We were on to Rome, New York today….


Before noon, along the Mohawk River, we arrived at the dreaded “LOCK 17″…at least dreaded by Karen!  We waited with nervous anticipation for our turn to lock through.  It was a large, intimidating lock.  We had heard the turbulence was bad, it was deep and UGLY!  Then it was our turn…..

It was the only lock I had trouble holding Kara Mia against the wall.  Not only scary – but embarrassing – when “your” boat is the one swinging out into the middle of the lock!  It took all I had but I was able to complete this lock without getting loose or getting near another boat!  The rest of the locks would prove to be doable for Karen.


Scenery after lock 17 was gorgeous.  We saw climbers repelling, homes hanging off the cliffs of bluffs, churches, communities, and clear glassy waters…..


We would pass the cities of Little Falls and Utica, where other loopers were docking for the night.  With no room for Kara Mia, we continued on….


We tried several other marinas, one had been damaged by storms and another’s bridge was too low for us to get under.  It was getting late, we were tired and getting nervous.  Maybe this would be the night we would drop anchor?  Eventually we would arrive at the city dock of Rome, New York.  It was rustic, some places would not allow you access to land from your boat, some had no electricity.  We chose a spot where we could get off the boat, but we would have no water or electricity.  We interacted with the locals on the dock and were most nervous about going to sleep that night.  On our way in we took out Rob’s new rod and he was not happy but after fishing his rod off of our props and giving him a bit of Jack Daniels, he was calling us “brother”.  After visiting with Gary, who was fishing and drinking and dancing right near the back of our boat…..we were even more nervous…..but we were tired and exhausted so we secured as best we could and went to bed.  I think it was still daylight – but a “reasonable” hour for a boater with no air conditioning, no running water, no security……


Next morning, in the safety of daylight, we walked around the park.  There was a beautiful walking trail.  The trees trying to get over the dam were impressive, the river was calm and beautiful…..    


….we were happy to be on our way….

2 thoughts on “Rome, New York (June 10)

  1. Looks beautiful except for that large lock incident. Glad you’re having fun. Snoop is coming to Nashville this week to see his sister and a family reunion in Memphis over the weekend. I’m driving over for a night or two. I sent him your blog link. He was blown away. Later. Tree

    1. Sorry so late getting back, been a little busy. Thanks for the interest! Sorry for the email hack…….Ron

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