Naval Academy and Blue Angels (May 21)

We are about “museum’ed out”, but a tour of the Naval Academy exceeded all expectations.


All of the students are housed under one roof and the dorm building covers a space of THIRTY ACRES!  Our tour guide introduced us to “second-in-command”, Captain Robert Chadwick (Dean of Midshipmen).  His daughter attends Belmont University in Nashville.


These are the homes of the officers……


The Naval Academy chapel was beautiful and moving.  A ship hangs in the rear alcove to bless all those who go to sea.


A memorial seat is forever present in memory of those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

The marble and bronze crypt below the chapel holds the remains of John Paul Jones, America’s first Naval hero.


This is commission (graduation) week at the academy.  Tradition holds that during this week, the freshman class has to top an obelisk (monument) in order to become midshipmen.  Prior to climbing the monument, the upperclassmen grease the obelisk with lard.  They top it by climbing and placing a sailor’s hat on top.  This is an annual tradition that took the freshmen over two hours to accomplish and was most entertaining.


We also visited the campus museum that houses hundreds of historical model ships.  Some even hand-carved from bones by French prisoners.

As part of graduation, The Blue Angels impressed us with a practice day and a show day that was spectacular.  If you have never seen on of these shows – do it!


Karen captures pictures from atop Kara Mia……we had a front-row seat!


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  1. We were lucky enough to see a “practice” of the blue angle show in Pennsicola last fall. It was like our own private show. They are amazing.

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