Key Largo (Feb 28)

The day started with a slight bit of excitement when Karen fell – stepped back while helping to load the dinghy and fell right down into the engine room! Ouch!  After some ice and band-aids, all turned out well.

We had to wait for high tide to leave Islamorada.  What was supposed to be 1 foot waves for our travel today in reality turned out to be 2 to 3 feet so we decided on a leisurely pace for the short 34 mile trip to Key Largo.  Along the way we saw our first large sea turtle.  He was about 2 1/2 feet in diameter and unfortunately Karen was not quick enough with the camera to get that pic!


It was a beautiful half mile runway into the marina from the Atlantic.  There we were greeted by Steven, the dock master at The Pilot House Marina.


Upon arrival we found another Looper couple that we had met in Alabama at Joe Wheeler during the Looper Rendezvous.  Dennis and Dana, from Missouri, are on “Pharm Life” and will complete their one-year loop trip in about two weeks.  We got together for dinner at The Pilot House Marina Restaurant and caught up on our different ports of call since we saw them last.


….we will relax in Key Largo for several days while waiting on the next weather window to travel…….

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