Jekyll Island Cart Tour (Apr 9-10)

This marina was good enough to provide us a golf cart for wandering around the island.


Originally, Jekyll Island was only for the rich.  The Rockefellers were active in the community for nearly forty years.  Their restored period cottage (Indian Mound) is on display and is toured daily.  Time and economies changed all that but it still has a proud heritage in the Historic District with beautiful old mansions and The Jekyll Island Club.


The Sea Turtle Center is an education and rehabilitation facility that offers the public a chance to learn about sea turtles.  The island tour is noted by the turtle markers.


Churches dotted the island.


This home, built by a British General prior to the Revolutionary War, is one of the oldest remaining tabby buildings in Georgia.  Tabby is a type of concrete made by burning oyster shells to create lime, then mixing it with water, sand, ash and broken oyster shells.


Each of Jekyll’s beaches is completely different, from bird watching on St. Andrews to photo-ops on Driftwood Beach.


Adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and Jekyll Island’s beaches is one of the best soccer facilities in the nation. Renowned for its carpet-like Bermuda grass playing surface, The Jekyll Island Soccer Complex is host to large tournaments and training teams.

Considering the inclement weather  on our last day at Jekyll, we stayed aboard most of the day.  “It was a rainy day in Georgia, I think it’s raining all over the world”.  Karen took the opportunity to complete our Income Tax while Ron updated our boat records and charted out our next several travel days.  We had dinner again at Zachry’s – a warm bowl of crab stew and salads – and relaxed with Santa on the bridge of the boat.


We will close with a little bit of sea turtle wisdom for the day……………

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