This was “Canada Day” , the celebration of the July 1, 1867 act that united the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a single dominion called Canada.  We rode our bikes to town for breakfast.  The town was hopping with people off for the long weekend celebration.  We had breakfast bowls (back bacon, which is Canadian bacon, and grilled potatoes topped with a fried egg), sprout toast and bagels at “The Lock Stop Cafe”.  After a little shopping at the general store for the grandkids, we biked back to the marina.


Our dock neighbors invited us to celebrate Canada Day with them on the docks.  We toasted to Canada Day and they toasted to our upcoming July 4th.  Even “The Dude” (green shirt, sunglasses below) joined in the celebrations.


2 thoughts on “CANADA DAY (July 1)

  1. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Buckhorn and our mini Canada Day “celebration”. We certainly enjoyed your company and your travel stories! It was wonderful to toast both our countries; first with some Canadian whiskey for July 1st, and then with some Jack Daniels for July 4th. Very congenial… and patriotic! (“The Dude” was appreciative of being included in the celebration, and especially enjoyed his time with Santa.)

    We are enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures. Oh ….just saw a black squirrel!

  2. The pleasure was ours! We comment every day on how friendly the Canadian folks are and you guys were the prime example. Thanks for your hospitality, it made our stay in Buckhorn perfect and memorable! Come visit Nashville! (We have brown and gray squirrels in Tennessee……).

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